Leadership in Hybrid Times


With the new normal, Hybrid work is here to stay, and that’s a fact. Since Authority Partners operates globally in 30 countries, this type of work is standard for us. But, to access the benefits hybrid working brings, like better productivity and inclusivity, companies need leaders who have the skills to execute a good hybrid learning strategy.

In the new episode of the AP Podcast, we discuss the characteristics of successful leaders, how emotional intelligence is connected to them, how company values are relevant in professional life, how to achieve progress towards leadership, and more.

We’ll discuss these topics with Larisa Halilovic, an international team development expert, two-times TEDx speaker, and a leader with over twenty years of professional experience in leadership, management, training, coaching, and mentoring.


About Larisa

Larisa designed, piloted, and introduced mentorship programs and professional networks for women – in IT, media, politics, business, creative industries, and civil society. She has led international organizations and global pilot programs in the digital industries in the 6 countries of the Western Balkans, the UK, and New Zealand.

So now it’s time to tune in and let us take you to another level of excellence!

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this podcast are the speaker’s own and do not reflect the view of Authority Partners.