How Curiosity Leads to Innovation in Digital Transformation?


True innovation is solving a real problem. As would Simon Sinek said, “Innovation is not born out of a dream, but it’s born out of struggle, and I would add creative, persistent, and bold struggle.”

Creativity is the capability of an individual or team to make something new, while innovation uses that creativity. But what does it take to be innovative nowadays and in digital transformation? What is the difference between innovation and creativity, what kind of innovation exists, and when innovation gives value?

Let’s deep dive with Dalibor Marijanovic, Executive Vice President of Consulting at AP, in how curiosity leads to innovation in digital transformation.

Dalibor will also provide some great examples of digital transformation in the IT industry and Authority Partners.

About Dalibor 

Dalibor Marijanovic is Executive Vice President of Consulting at Authority Partners. He is also a Founder and Managing Partner at INVENTO Capital Partners – an innovation catalyst specialized in fostering innovation in Croatia, Slovenia, and the Western Balkan region. In addition, as Head of EIT InnoEnergy HUB Croatia, Dalibor is supporting innovative local companies, making connections between people, skills, and capital.

He invested over 50 million EUR in innovation projects, attracted over 15 M private capital, negotiated a 20 M EUR loan with World Bank as a President of the board of Business Innovation Centre of Croatia – BICRO.

He is an active member of expert groups related to innovation ecosystem development and SMEs support and one of the founders of the Croatian network of Business Angels.

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Disclaimer: The views expressed in this podcast are the speaker’s own and do not reflect the view of Authority Partners.