High Numbers of the Proud AP Community Successful 400 23 16 and 1

On Thursday, March 25, Authority Partners marked three major and valuable anniversaries: 23 years of the company’s incorporation in the United States and the start of global business, 16 years of the opening of the AP Technology Center Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the first anniversary of the establishment of the AP Technology Center Istanbul.

A diverse Authority Partners family has gathered in an online event, different from all other events held in the recent years and decades. Today, this family has 400+ consultants worldwide, on five continents. Maja Karabeg, a Co-Founder of AP, shared an anecdote about how she initially knew not only the names of men and women consultants but also their children’s and partners’ names. And then, a few years after the creation of AP Lab, an educational center integrated into the company, she met a young man in a supermarket wearing a T-shirt with the Lab logo. She didn’t know him, and evidently, he did not know who she was. “For me, it was a moment of tremendous joy and pride. I realized that Erol(husband and Co-Founder) and I helped to create something positive and beautiful, which continues its life completely independently”, she said.

Much like every year, at the birthday party, we acknowledged our colleagues who worked selflessly and incessantly over the past period on the common idea of creating excellence in the company. We gave a special award to those who spent 10+ years with us for their loyalty and long-term contribution, which is the foundation of our success.

The AP ranks among the most successful and most prosperous companies of its kind in BiH and globally. Respecting the communities, it originates from and leaves its creative footprint in, the company nurtures the values ​​of solidarity and social responsibility. In particular, the company does this by awarding the Community Hero Award to deserving individuals. This year, the winner is the Center for Pregnant Women and Young Mothers of BiH – the counseling center of the TiM Association. It was founded in Bosnia and Herzegovina by two sisters, Belma Šoljanin and Aida Džaferović, both psychologists. Six years after its establishment, this unique organization has been recognized as a valuable part of the community. The Association offers free, selfless, and invaluable help to mothers and future mothers in need who are unable to get such help elsewhere. The award was accepted by Aida, while the entire community paid tribute and recognition to Belma, who passed away from COVID-19 after giving birth a few months ago.

Every year, we announce new AP Ambassadors at the event. And this time, six consultants proudly accepted this title, which means that they are true representatives of the company’s culture, which implies loyalty, support, professionalism, knowledge, positivity, and enthusiasm. It is their honorable duty to pass this value on.

Addressing the community, the Vice President of Operations, Amina Karić emotionally reflected on the path they have traveled together, especially in the challenging year behind us, emphasizing how proud she is of the status that the AP holds in the world today.

“The strength of the AP family lies in over 400 of its members who work on five continents and in 33 countries around the world. Being a member of this community is an invaluable experience for anyone who wants to overcome challenges, grow and thrive – privately and professionally, and be a part of a global community of IT experts”, she said, while expressing vast gratitude to the Authority Partners’ consultants for their dedication and commitment, and all of the fabulous things they achieved together. “We look forward to every year that leads to excellence, growth and development, stability and social responsibility, and I’m sure there are many more such years ahead of us”.

Authority Partners continues to grow and develop, and we plan to open new technology centers and hire more IT consultants worldwide this year.