Growing Together with Ajsa

At Authority Partners (AP), we know that the things you are passionate about are not just random interests, they are your calling. For us, having a passion for programming is still a prerequisite, even as we move along our path of success. This is why AP continually supports young people who are passionate about their professional and personal growth within any field.

Here we’d like to share fifteen-year-old Ajsa Dzehovic’s success story. Ajsa’s passion is taekwondo, and since the AP Technology Center Sarajevo also turns 15 this year, our gift to Ajša for her 15th birthday is to support her passion for this martial art, and her calling to participate in the upcoming European Championship in Bratislava.

Growing Together with Ajsa 2nd photo

In life, all of us are inspired by at least one person, someone who is instrumental to our success. Ajsa was inspired by her coach, who recognized her potential and talent. At AP, we believe that outstanding people aren’t just discovered; rather, their skills are cultivated and they are supported on their path to growth. This starts by providing them with the right opportunities and supporting them along the way.

My start was confusing because, at the age of six, I did not know much about taekwondo. When people would ask me what I was training, I would say that I was practicing a sport similar to karate. However, in essence, they are completely different. Today I find that the same principles have helped me overcome some obstacles that I faced at school and in my friendships. I have learned to see obstacles as a challenge and a test, just like when I have to go up against a seemingly stronger opponent. I have learned that I might be defeated, but not humiliated. One might have better equipment, but not a better technique. I can win with one shot, but there are times when I must fight hard for a medal,” says Ajsa.

Ajsa creates excellence on so many levels. She is a successful ninth grade student, and she has reached her goals: Ajsa has a 1st Dan (black belt), she has proudly represented the BiH national team at international contests, and she was awarded fifth place in the European Ranking. She has some ambitious goals for the future, in terms of both her education and sports activities.

Over the past nine years, for as long as I have been training taekwondo, my biggest supporters have been my parents, my brother and coaches. All of them have their individual roles and their own way of doing it. My parents hug me and say that they are proud of me. They say that, for them, I am a winner, even when I don’t win. They are the wind at my back. My brother is the loudest and most ardent supporter, and my trainers are like magicians. From a small, insecure little girl, they made a real sparring partner, someone who knows what she wants,” says Ajsa.

Growth, development and social responsibility are our core values. We truly believe that the more we grow, the more the people around us will also grow. We put our hearts into serving the community. So, this time we are growing together with Ajsa.

Continue to strive for success, Ajsa! Authority Partners is rooting for you!