Growing Community Together

Authority Partners is an IT company that has remained fully engaged in its community activities during the COVID-19 pandemic crisis. Thanks to its strong internal organization and the specifics of the industry, AP is continuing, for the most part, with normal business activities, despite this challenging period. However, there is one important difference – the company is working on additional and different community activities in order to ease the current situation and remedy future consequences.

Here is what Amina Karic, VP of Operations at AP, had to share when talking about social responsibility during the pandemic: “We are a global company which does business in 25 countries around the world, on a few continents, and has over 300 consultants. In each of the countries that we operate in, we have initiated or connected to activities within the community, because we consider this to be the only right way of doing business. These activities range from education to individual and company donations.” She stresses that the situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina is very specific, and there are concrete projects taking shape with credible partners like, but AP is also starting and organizing its own activities.

Firstly, the company is raising money for, and AP will offer a matching gift by doubling the final amount collected from employees. AP’s philosophy is to make the world a better place, at any time, and to direct our personal and professional resources toward that goal. Furthermore, in order to make it easier for students in Bosnia and Herzegovina to attend online classes, the company has donated computers and laptops, and there are also plans for consultants to make personal donations in the form of technical equipment in the near future. What’s more, AP has donated funds to the American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham) for medical equipment, which will be distributed to hospitals throughout the country.

Given that the AP Lab – Center for Talent and Innovation is one of the company’s long-term activities, and an extremely important one in terms of social responsibility within the community, the process of reorganizing things and shifting from onsite to online training was implemented almost immediately, and the AP Lab has continued to work without any interruptions. As of last Monday, 18 new participants began attending online classes held as part of the AP Lab’s Cloud Masters Training Program. The upcoming Dev Talks Meetup, another educational activity that AP organizes for the IT community, is planned for April 16, 2020.

We are trying to maintain as many of the previous activities in our work portfolio as we can, and to keep things going within the community. For now, we have succeeded in all of these fields. Of course, our message is that we need to stay safe and take care of others, but not to leave things to chance; rather, we need to actively engage in the community – and to be more agile today than ever before. We consider that our duty, and the duty of every company these days,” concludes Amina, on behalf of Authority Partners.