Feedback Culture in AP


Are you searching for a new job? Are you ready for the new path in your career? Like all great companies, we strive to hire the best, and we value Excellence, Stability, Social Responsibility, and Growth and Development. How is this relevant to you? When it comes to that one vacancy you are ready to apply for, it’s not all about the paycheck or position. It’s also about how you can grow from it, what else benefits you, and if every workday starts with a smile and become an adventure. We want you to do you enjoy your job and feel that you matter!

Our company culture is part of AP identity in many ways, so it’s essential to get it right. That’s why among excellent insights about AP Culture that you can find on our website, we decided to dive deeper into it with the AP Podcast.


About Amila

Amila is a dedicated HR and Personal development professional with 14 years of experience in partnering with business leaders to achieve corporate excellence and drive talent management initiatives. She started her career in Marketing and PR but not so long after that, she discovered her passion for people management and directed her career towards HR providing HR consultancy for different industries. She holds a master’s degree in Management and Organization (specialized in Human resources) … and so much more, but we just touched the surface.

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Disclaimer: The views expressed in this podcast are the speaker’s own and do not reflect the view of Authority Partners.