Have you ever wondered what the benefits of enjoying multitasking would be? Of course, you did. Just as we do almost every day. Life is a fast lane, and it is essential to find a way to do so. (Not so new anymore) media has changed the way of how we pick up information. Nowadays, people expect multiple types of content to suit their needs. Although it is a rather enjoyable thing to do, not everyone has time to read a 6,000-word blog post. Others, more visual types, want a quick video. And then there’s podcasting – a great way to reach people outside of when they’re sitting in front of a computer. You may be doing some exercise perhaps, stuck on a morning commute to work, sticking your headphones in a while doing the hoover, and pretty much any time a listener chooses. Yes, with a podcast, you are still able to pick on info, learn, educate. So yes, we totally vote for a podcast. 

Authority Partners is a leading IT company working globally. There is an AP pin on 33 countries worldwide, five continents, and 400+ consultants – a huge family of excellent experts. Talking about multitasking, these guys know exactly how to master it. That is one of the reasons why, two seasons ago, they started broadcasting podcasts. At the very beginning, it started as an idea of how to offer a platform for two-way communication on everything AP do and moreover how they do it. It wasn’t long before AP realized that this is an opportunity to share with the community some excellent knowledge they gathered. Many interesting people with more than exciting stories have been recorded so far. 

Their explanation for this project is quite simple: “We were the first IT company operating in the Western Balkans to start producing podcasts. The core value of Authority Partners is excellence in everything we do. Our aim was to share our excellence but through the communication tool which enables our voice to be heard, every third Friday of every month”, says Ena Taslaman, Head of PR & Communications Department at AP. 

In AP episodes, you can pick up a lot from a famous Software Architect Dino Esposito, Mirano Galijasevic, Head of R&D at AP on “Architecting Intelligent Software” and hear a lot of interesting perspectives on DevOps transformation, Cross-Functional teams, as well as topics such as quality vs. deadlines, or the art of negotiation. During the pandemic, for example, in just a few weeks, our world changed completely. Without notice and preparation, we found ourselves in a situation where we were isolated and working from home. To respond quickly to this challenge, AP created a bilingual episode on Productivity and Work-Life Balance When Working from Home with a top-notch business psychology expert. 

Up until now, within a year and a half since they started, AP has produced 18 episodes with IT, education, and business psychology experts. Authority Partners places podcasts on 16 platforms, including the most popular ones, such as Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Deezer, Stitcher, so you will be able to find it quickly and easily, and we strongly recommend doing so.

To learn more about AP Culture, press play on the one where Hana Kocan Bibic, Talent Acquisition Specialist at AP, discusses why cultural fit is essential and how to know if you are a match. In this podcast, the main theme is AP culture: its definition, how AP assesses cultural fit while being careful of potential risks and mistakes, and share some advice for anyone who is included in the hiring process in AP. If you are interested in seeking an open vacancy in this company, this may come as excellent preparation. Talking about hiring, AP broadcasted an episode on hiring from a brilliant Talent Acquisition Team, who spoke about how to ace a job interview in AP by a Lead Talent Acquisition Specialist (tips and tricks on applying for a job, presenting yourself in the best way, preparing for the interview, and many more).

Moreover, having the topic of hiring in focus this year, recently AP podcast host talked with Amila Kurtović, Head of Talent Management Department, about the Feedback Culture at Authority Partners. The AP has a strong culture of practicing feedback that dates back in time when AP was established, and this culture is improving continuously. Amila explained in detail all hows&dos, for instance, how does self-designed employee performance feedback system function, what is a STAR model in AP, and many, many more. Even if you don’t think that you’re on a quest of finding your spot in AP – this one might give you some brain food on this topic.  

OK, now is enough of writing and reading. Just click here and listen to our AP podcast and relax.