Facing the Challenges of the Pandemic Together

Despite this challenging period, Authority Partners (AP) has continued with its regular business activities during the COVID-19 pandemic crisis. Thanks to its strong internal organization and the specifics of the IT industry, AP is continuing, for the most part, with normal business activities. We are carefully monitoring the current situation with the coronavirus, and our priority is the safety and health of our team, so we have taken all of the precautionary measures to prevent the possible spread of the virus.

This is the fourth week that our team has been working from home, and, at this moment, we can’t say for sure how long this situation will continue. However, we have not encountered any significant obstacles to our work, and we are truly proud of our team’s dedication and hard work.

We are aware that this has been a very challenging period for some team members, since it has added an unexpected complexity to their everyday lives. However, AP is committed to providing constant support as we all adapt to these new life and work circumstances, and we continue to encourage proactive and transparent communication. AP’s goal is to be a relevant source of information and advice for our entire team. We are doing our best to be there for one another, and to overcome this challenging period together!

Authority Partners has organized a range of activities, all of which aim to provide support for our consultants. Next week we are planning to hold a webinar which will be open to questions on how to work efficiently from home. Besides that, our team has the support of a psychotherapist who is helping with stress management during this period. One of our core values is growth and development, so we are continuing to grow together through new challenges and experiences, as well as through our online education.

AP is a global company that is currently doing business in 25 countries around the world, and our team of 300+ consultants is spread over a few continents! Our work model makes it possible for our employees to work remotely, and AP’s activities are supported through efficient communication between organizational units and teams. Taking into consideration current business trends and the way in which technology is developing, working remotely with IT experts from around the world became the standard, and our reality, many years ago.

We recognize the importance of continuously strengthening AP company culture. This is a key component for the success of our global team, as it will enable our consultants to feel even more connected through common goals and shared values.