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Join us for the December session of ABSL Club Powered by Authority Partners, during which QA Engineers Ajisa Cebo and Rabina Jusufovic will dig into containerized test environments during a fireside chat.

Picture this: containers are like lightweight, portable boxes that hold everything needed to run software smoothly. During this session, Ajisa and Rabina will explain how these containers shake up the testing game. They’ll share stories, real examples and practical tips on how using containerized test environments can make your testing life easier. If you’re into test automation or just curious about tech, don’t miss this one!

About our speakers:

Ajisa Cebo is an experienced QA Automation Engineer, bringing a wealth of expertise to the software testing realm. With a dedicated focus on quality assurance, Ajisa has five years of invaluable experience in her role at Authority Partners. As a proud AP Lab alumna, she continues to contribute to the company’s commitment to excellence. 

Rabina Jusufovic is a skilled QA Automation Engineer, well-versed in software testing for enterprise-level systems. With a strong commitment to ensuring quality in every aspect of the development lifecycle, Rabina has three years of experience at Authority Partners. Being an AP Lab alumna, Rabina’s dedication to excellence aligns seamlessly with the company’s standards, contributing to the delivery of high-quality solutions for our clients.