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The end of July at AP will be marked by sharing knowledge from top-notch IT professionals. From Dev Talks Meetup to our Monthly Architect pool lessons. This month, Arnela Harba, Software Architect at AP, will be covering the topic “Single Sign-On with Identity Server 4“while Adnan Mujkanovic, Solution Architect at AP, will talk about the role of QA in the world of DevOps.

First Talk

Single Sign-On with Identity Server 4

Putting multiple applications under one brand and storing all the users to the centralized place might be challenging, mainly when you have used different technologies. The topic covers the Single-Sign-On implementation using Identity Server 4, with some of the issues mentioned along with the solutions.

Arnela Harba, Software Architect at AP

Arnela is a Software Architect at Authority Partners. She decided to pursue IT engineering as a profession because programming seemed to be very challenging. Arnela holds a master’s degree from Electrical Engineering in Sarajevo. In 2014, Arnela attended AP Lab – Talent and Innovation Center, where she extended her knowledge with practice. She has joined Authority Partners right after, where she has been working for almost six years. Last year, she had an opportunity to have a different internship perspective, this time as an AP Lab Mentor. In her free time, Arnela enjoys spending time with her family and friends.

Second Talk

The Role of QA in the World of DevOps

The role of QA in the current software development process is changing. We must follow the changing process and adopt new skills to achieve quality and efficiency. Building a QA strategy with the necessary best practices is essential for Authority Partners embracing the DevOps movement.

 Adnan Mujkanovic, Solution Architect at AP

Adnan is a Solution Architect for Quality Assurance and Automation Solution at Authority Partners. For the last seven years, he has been working on multiple enterprise projects as a Software Developer and Quality Assurance Engineer. Quality assurance is a domain in which Adnan found his passion and therefore devoted himself to that career path. He successfully used his coding skills to improve the overall QA process, testing, and develop automation frameworks for multiple clients. In addition to that, he was an AP Lab Mentor.