Authority Partners understands that Creating Excellence requires continuous knowledge improvement, passion for IT, effort and hard work. So, last weekend we held the 2nd Authority Partners Architecture Summit in Konjic, with the aim to discuss new and perspective technologies, without the pressure of daily work. We are very happy that our President Erol Karabeg was with us this weekend.

Architecture Summit offered a variety of technical sessions and discussions, but above all provided the opportunity for our experts to come together in exchanging knowledge and setting a goal for the future.

Some of the topics were:

• Build API app with EF, SQL and AAD authentication
• Deploy API app to Azure
• Scaffolding Angular2 application, deploying to Azure and hook it up with API
• Azure Storage
• Web Jobs
• Configure Diagnostic and Monitoring App Insights
• Azure Functions
• Azure Service Bus

Authority Partners Architect Summit also has a social aspect too. After the official part where we showed that Creating Excellence is what we do the best, there was time for some free activities. During our free time, we had the opportunity to test our strength on a sport field – engaging and competing together in various sports activities, such as football and basketball with Erol, which contributed to the positive atmosphere.

Our experience has shown that the participants were very satisfied with the lectures and they all agreed that it was very useful. Therefore, we are looking forward to seeing you all next year, with the hope that this will turn into a traditional gathering.