Connecting the dots at network conference

This month, we participated in the NetWork Conference in Neum. Every year, the conference gathers IT experts and lecturers from around the country and the region. Traditionally, we have supported the conference through sponsorship and by having our IT experts share their knowledge.

Participants had the opportunity to attend sessions by Mustafa Toroman (Program Architect at AP) and Rijad Smajlović (System Engineer at AP) – which looked at current topics in the IT industry – and to see how they create excellence. Their performance proved that having true passion for knowledge is the path to success.

Mustafa Toroman, together with Nenad Trajkovski, gave a lecture entitled, “The Way to DevOps: Are We Ready for a Transformation?”. DevOps is one of the top trends within the IT industry, and many companies want to be part of it. They explained what DevOps is, in general, what it implies, how current processes fit into this transformation, and what is needed for this change to occur.

The following day, Mustafa spoke on “Seven Ways to Publish on the Azure Platform.” Microsoft Azure allows you to use various services, and supports a variety of programming languages. In his demo, Mustafa showed a few basic ways to publish by using various tools from different services.

During his presentation, “Infrastructure as Code for Azure: ARM, Terraform or Azure Building Blocks?”, Rijad demonstrated the importance of infrastructure as code in getting the most out of your cloud platform, and the need to build stable infrastructure. He emphasized that the choice of tools is very important, as it dictates how the resources in cloud will be created, updated and deleted. Azure offers many tools that can be used with infrastructure as code. However, with many tools, come many questions. Rijad explained how to make the right choice.

We are happy that we can share our knowledge and skills with the IT community, because the more we grow, the more people around us will also grow.