Bosana 11th Annual Benefit

Bosana 11th Annual Benefit was organized last Saturday in Los Angeles. It was another special evening this time celebrating the women of BiH and their thriving contribution to our community and the wider world.

In 2012, we have started our collaboration with Bosna Foundation. Our first collaboration involved working together on the Bosnian Born Art Exhibit and celebrating creativity, perseverance, and survival of the human spirit through art, film, photography, design, and fashion. For nine consecutive years, we have been a proud sponsor of Bosana’s Annual Fundraising events and an ongoing supporter. Additionally, every year we provide Bosana Foundation with two full scholarships for students. Social responsibility is one of our core values. It is our mission to put our energy, knowledge and hearts at the service of our community.

This year, the Annual Benefit has raised an amazing $74,474 in total. The United States Ambassador to Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hon. Mr. Eric Nelson was present at the event. During his speech, he addressed the importance of BiH diaspora support and collaboration with their motherland.

Senita Slipac, Bosana Foundation Founder, gave an emotional speech about the power of commitment, community, and connections. We adore Senita for her endless energy, enthusiasm, and dedication to Bosana students.

Thanks to inspiring BiH Women, the highlight of the evening was a panel discussion with Sanja Kulenovic, Majla Custo, Marsela Pecanac, Mahira Tanovic, and Djenita Pasic. These successful women spoke about the importance of higher education, the position and role of women in their professions, as well as International Woman’s Day.

The traditional ‘DoGooder Award’ was presented to Djenita Pasic for her contributions to the Foundation, as well as to BiH through her involvement in the BHAAAS and many other organizations. Djenita is a long time Bosana supporter, civil and human rights warrior, community leader, compassionate lawyer, and educator.

According to our Co-Founder, Maja Karabeg, the evening was beautiful, classy, and inspiring. She was very impressed with all guests, touching speeches, and great musical performances by opera singer Vedrana Kalas, Zana Messia and her band, and DJ Valida.

Bosana Foundation empowers the marginalized youth through access to education, professional development, and livelihood development programs to improve their life choices. This enables them to maximize their personal potential; therefore, moving them from predicament and poverty towards stability and self-sufficiency, which in turn promotes viable civil societies.