Authority Partners unveils strategic growth roadmap to 2026 at Town Hall 

Focus on excellence and growth: Our most valuable asset is our team, complemented by extensive experience and a successful track record in the IT industry.

Traditionally, at the end of January, California-based global IT company Authority Partners starts the year by gathering its consultants for an all-hands Town Hall meeting. Constant and transparent communication at all levels is an important aspect of business in one of the oldest and most successful IT companies in Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

This time, the Town Hall gathering was organized live in Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic) and Istanbul (Türkiye), with the rest of the global team joining online from their world-wide remote offices.  

The aim of this gathering is to bring the company’s strategic goals closer to each consultant and to achieve transparent communication by providing the opportunity to openly asking questions to management, which proved successful considering the engagement of both parties during the Q&A session. 

“Our successes in 2023 and ambitious plans for 2024 reflect our commitment to continuous improvement and innovation. By investing in our people, expanding our services and prioritizing operational excellence, we are positioned for success, globally,” said Austin Duncan Vice President of Service Delivery. “Together, we will not only meet, but also surpass the challenges of the future, fostering a culture of excellence that pushes us towards our vision for 2026.”  

In the face of challenging 2023, Authority Partners concentrated on expanding its range of services and diversifying into various industries. The Town Hall meeting was dedicated to tackling upcoming challenges, engaging in discussions about the prevailing market conditions and formulating a growth strategy for 2024 – and beyond.  

“Across operations, our team is the driving force behind our achievements, and their dedication is reflected in every success story we’ve written over the past 26 years. Our commitment to transparency, recognition and providing a world-class career experience underscores the belief that our greatest asset is our people. Together, we shape not only the successful future of the company, but also a working environment in which each individual thrives and contributes to our common success,” explained Amina Karic, Vice President of Operations. 

On January 16 of this year, Authority Partners celebrated its 26 year anniversary, and on February 21, it will reach the milestone of 19 years of business in Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

To read our Town Hall press release in the local languages of Bosnia & Herzegovina please click here.