At Authority Partners, we love sharing views of our culture and our team’s stories worldwide. We believe that all those interested in becoming part of the AP team will find it useful to learn about our consultants’ experience. 

This month, we bring you Dmytro Kolenko, Quality Assurance Test Automation Engineer at Authority Partners, with 12 years of experience. He lives in a small village in the north of Ukraine.  

Dmytro shared what it is like to work at AP. He talked about freedom, flexibility and stability at work, attributes of the AP team, overcoming challenges together, equal opportunities, culture, and many more. He also shared an interesting story that happened recently. 

AP: What is the most exciting thing about your country? 

DK: Compared to all European countries, only Ukraine has a desert called the Oleshky Sands. It is situated inland from the Black Sea’s Ukrainian coast and consists of sand dunes, which reach up to five meters. Also, in Ukraine is Chernobyl, a place where there is a 30 kilometers safety zone, and animals have never come into contact with humans, nor are they aware of their existence. 

AP: What is it like to work at Authority Partners? 

DK: I have been working for Authority Partners for a year and a half as a QA Test Automation Engineer. Here I met great people and learned a lot about test automation. I love AP because I have complete freedom in my work and that every new idea is supported. 

AP: In your opinion, what AP wants in a consultant? 

DK: In my opinion, self-motivated and responsible professionals are appreciated in the AP, ready to be part of the AP team. Also, ideas and knowledge of how to implement ideas in code are highly valued. 

AP: In your opinion, how does AP grow together? 

DK: Authority Partners is very committed to team growth and development. Every six months, we prepare a growth plan for each consultant to define their goals. I like that any consultant can influence the change of this plan if he has a better proposal. 

Besides, every two weeks, we discuss what was right and what was wrong in the previous sprint, which is also a learning process. 

It’s also great that you can always find a mentor who will lead you to achieve the AP’s goal. AP has many people who specialize in different fields. My view is that all consultants are motivated to achieve their goals because it depends on their skills to progress. 

At AP, we believe that with the growth of each AP consultant, AP grows. 

AP: Can you share an interesting story that happened while working in the AP global team? 

DK: Every day in the morning scrums, I hear different information from around the world, such as the weather and the pandemic situation, because my team members call from different countries. 

Sometimes I know I can expect rain or snow in Ukraine if it is already happening in Bosnia and Herzegovina. 🙂 

AP: What do you think about your team? 

DK: I am delighted to be part of my team. We are a team of dedicated professionals. Every day brings new challenges, but we work on them together. My team played a significant role in supporting me in achieving my results. 

AP: How AP motivates its consultants? 

DK: For me, it is if the motivating stability brought by the AP. It is very important for me to know when I have finished my work for a client that I will get the opportunity to work on another project. 

Also, the flexibility that AP provides is very motivating. The AP team has the option to work from home and different countries of the world. You have the opportunity to organize yourself as best you can to create great solutions. 

AP: How does the AP team make an impact? 

DK: AP connects people around the world. I find that the AP makes a significant impact by bringing people closer to each other. This is especially important in the current situation we are in, a situation where no one is spared no matter where they live. We are all in this together. 

AP: What you most value in AP culture? 

DK: AP culture brings equal opportunities for all. I live in a small village in Ukraine but work with IT professionals doing the best QA Test Automation job I have ever seen. 

For all those who want to join the AP team, I think it is best to have only the right skill level for the desired position. 

AP: Would you recommend AP to your friends, and if so, what would be your pitch? 

DK: Yes, I would definitely recommend AP to a friend. Actually, I have already done that, and he’s interested in applying for a position as soon as he finishes with the current project. 

What I find attractive in AP are many roles in which you can start your AP career and grow towards managerial positions if you wish or even change the project you are working on. If you want to be a team lead or change your roles, you can always find a project and a team to make your wish come true. 

AP: What are the tips for interviewing at AP? 

DK: Overall, I’m very bad with interviews. I am always very nervous that it does not bring good results. However, my interview for the AP was perfect. I answered questions that were really related to my role. This is the first interview in the last 12 years that the interviewer did not ask me all types of testing and bug life cycle.  

AP: Thank you!