Humankind is committed to connecting people, shortening the distance traveled, and increasing the traveling speed of people, goods, and information. That is why today, in the modern world, we have internet, highways, airplanes, metros, ships, and electric scooters to shorten and speed up the journey from point A to point B.

But when we talk about professional journey and growth, this is a long and unexpected road, and it depends on how far the goal is set, the quality of the road, and the means of transport we use. For some, this road is like being on the highway with a fast cozy car, and for others, it is a bumpy road on a horse. But, what is certain, when we reach our goal, it all gains in termless significance.

The world is changing so fast, and we must always be ready to learn and adapt in order to catch up with new technologies. This is why Authority Partners has decided to offer a free ticket to all individuals enthusiastic for growth and development to transfer rapidly to the fast-growing IT industry by joining AP Lab.

Authority Partners launched the AP Lab – Talent and Innovation Center in 2014, and so far, 28 AP Lab sessions are delivered to 344 interns, 155 most talented became a part of the AP team.

This year we had a significant increase in the interest in AP Lab Training Program – we received an astounding number of 400+ applications. This is why we have decided to engage 20 trainees in the training session instead of 15.

Kenan Hadzirovic, AP Lab Mentor and Program Architect at AP shared that all trainees had excellent performance during the training program. The final result is an absolute success, AP hired all trainees at the end of the training session.

Yes, we are stronger for 20 new talents eager to learn, grow and code. All of them are prepared for everyday IT industry challenges, and we’ve just unlocked their potential, so we are sincerely looking forward to everything that comes.

Zana Sulojdzic, former AP Lab Intern and now Software Developer at AP, shares:

“This could be a long story, from point A, which was tiny thought in my mind “Is it possible for me to be a software developer?” to point B, where I am now – Software Developer in Authority Partners. So, long story short – Yes, it is possible! When I started to code, I was faced with many comments, mostly about my transition from Social Sciences to IT. Like, why would I change my career now, haven’t I already chosen my path, etc. No, I didn’t choose my career path at that moment, and yes, I did it now. However, I never looked back on those comments and kept going.

I had some moments where I thought that I maybe wouldn’t be able to do that, but it didn’t stop me from going forward. Now, four months after AP Lab with Kenan Hadzirovic (thank you, you are an amazing mentor) who probably saw something even I didn’t see in myself and helped me to go even further, and a month after my official employment in AP, I can say that I am truly grateful on all those amazing people and on an opportunity that is given to me. As Maja Karabeg, Co-founder of AP once said to us: “It is good to be a bit naive, like a child, then you do great things without even realizing how hard they were.” Now I know that I am among amazing, motivated people and on the right path.”

AP Lab is our way to give back to the community and support young people in their IT education by helping them gain practical experience and master the skills needed to develop, test, and deliver an IT product to a client.

“It was a great honor and privilege to be a part of the AP Lab Program – the greatest testing ground for any aspiring Software Engineer. The practical knowledge and experience gained so far are unparalleled and beyond my greatest expectations. Being able to take part in real-life engineering tasks and to work on them under the supervision of experts provides the foundation needed for all future challenges.”- said Sara Dzemidzic, former AP Lab Intern and now Software Developer at AP.

Being a socially responsible company is easy if you genuinely want it. If you have sensitivity and will to hear, and finally apply, countless resolutions and regulations that are carefully written and drafted to make our lives more beautiful and easier regardless of age, nation, gender, religion, or another discriminatory factor.

A society without equal chances for all of us will not reach full potential, each step counts, and we must all walk and work together towards it.

This is your chance to create excellence and grow together with us!

Seize this opportunity and send us your application by October 1st, 2021.