We are proud to announce that we have opened the Authority Partners (AP) Technology Center in Istanbul, Turkey. Last year, we achieved a great milestone of having more than 300 consultants, working across 5 continents, and 25 countries. We are excited to start 2020 with a new chapter in the magnificent Istanbul, a place where East meets West.

At Authority Partners, we believe global teams are the future. Considering current trends in the business world and the way technology is evolving, working remotely alongside internationals from all over the world is becoming the standard.

Our global team has unique expertise and diverse perspectives that position us for success in the international business landscape. Authority Partners is committed to creating the best global team of engineers, connected by our software development processes and tools. Our engineering capacity is anchored in our technology centers in California, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Turkey, and augmented by our remote consultants working from all corners of the world.Istanbul is the latest hub from which we share our vision to be the authority in creating information technology excellence. It also gives us an opportunity to inspire and enable our consultants in Istanbul to create superior technology solutions, growing together with our clients on the path to success.

Cetin Yilmaz, Team Lead at AP Technology Center Istanbul, said: “From now on, we have moved our adventure, that has started two years ago, to Istanbul. I felt the excitement as if it is my first job. It is a privilege to work for this amazing company.”

While others thought agile execution across distributed teams was impossible, we made it a reality by implementing a heightened communication protocol between our organizational units and client partners. By building distributed teams that can both work and communicate around the clock, we can realize efficiencies for our clients that take their enterprise to the next level.

The Founders of AP, Maja and Erol Karabeg shared their thoughts: “Smart, educated, capable and motivated people live all over the world. With globalization, and through organizations like Authority Partners, the world is becoming a big playground for everyone willing and ready to participate. We are very excited about 2020 and looking forward to expanding our team with some superstar talent and partnering with interesting new clients.”

Also, we have recognized the importance of continuously strengthening our culture as an essential part of a successful global team, enabling our consultants to feel more connected to common goals. Authority Partners’ values of growing together and creating excellence, are the foundation of everything we do. We are committed to constantly upgrading our knowledge, and our leadership and communication skills, to allow our team to reach full potential.

Haris Budjevac, Engineering Manager at AP shares his thoughts on working with global teams: “My experience is very positive as we can scale much faster and increase the skillsets of our teams by accessing a wider pool of world-class experts. Some of the biggest benefits are that we can hire from a global pool of consultants and also have the flexibility to work in different time zones, so we can respond to clients’ needs more efficiently.”

Our world is constantly changing and becoming more connected. With our global team, the flow of ideas is endless. Thanks to our diverse experiences, we have multitude of perspectives, which allow for incredibly innovative ideas and solutions.

Being a part of the Authority Partners team is an invaluable experience for anyone seeking to accelerate their growth, both professionally and personally. It allows one to overcome biases and become a part of the global community of IT experts. In addition, where else can one get the opportunity to work closely with, socialize, and develop lasting friendships with colleagues in 25 countries.

Warmest welcome to our new team members in the Authority Partners Technology Center in Istanbul.