Authority Partners on the Potency of the Software Industry at the ICT Sector Information Day

The ICT sector, and especially the software industry, is a very potent sector that is continually evolving. This field has experienced a trend of stable growth in B&H, with a growth of 72% from 2010 until today. This success can mostly be accredited to the entrepreneurial spirit of local software companies. In order to promote the potential, strength, opportunities and prospects of this sector, the Chamber of Economy of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina has organized an ICT sector Information Day, under the working title “Possibilities, perspectives and plans”.

This was an opportunity for a certain number of companies, including Authority Partners, to present their products, services, and project. Fatih Galešić presented Authority Partners’ work, as well as BIT Alliance’s initiatives (of which Authority Partners is one of the founders) for the strategic strengthening of the software industry in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The numerous problems the software industry in B&H faces were pointed out. The major problems include the lack of software engineers in B&H, an educational system which is not aligned with the market’s workforce needs, and the insufficient support from the state for this potent industry. It is clearly necessary for the education sector to make improvements that would result in students whose knowledge and skills comply with industry requirements.

Fatih also discussed the issue regarding Technology Parks, which are very important for the development of the B&H software industry (because they foster networking within the industry and local community, and also stimulate innovations.)

In the end, it was concluded that cooperation with the Chamber of Economy of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the ICT Association is of great importance because through joint cooperation we can do more to promote the software industry in B&H.