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No matter how fast we’re moving forward, and how well we’re doing, it’s always good to stop for a second to celebrate all the great work we’ve done, reflect on the lessons learned along the way and get ready for new wins – both small and big.

Every six months, we take a reflection pause by hosting our semi-annual Townhall meeting. This year’s Mid-Year Townhall was held on July 21st, both on site in 4 locations (Irvine, Sarajevo, Istanbul and the Punta Cana) and online (globally).

We are proud to say that we are a healthy and functional living team! Since 1998, Authority Partners has been a human-centric company that cares about its people. The lion’s share of every dollar of sales goes back into consultant compensation.

Earlier this year, we rolled out our four- year-long strategic plan. One that is ambitious but aligns with our organizational maturity and strives for constant growth and development. And the results? Impressive!

We are a growing – at times rapidly – provider of custom-designed software solutions and related services. Our overall direction is informed by our vision and mission and supported by our values.

To our business-related challenges, we say thank you because they make us more agile, closer and stronger.

Here are a few motivating words that Amina Karic, our vice president of operations, shared during our Mid-Year Townhall: “When you graduate high school and go to college, you get out of your comfort zone, learn new things and meet new people. Think of how much you have personally developed through these different interactions. 

Working in a global company is no different. You continually meet new people, learn about different cultures and expand your understanding of other people. This allows you to be more empathetic, gain additional insights into how people make decisions and become a better team player. 

I hope you are taking the time and the opportunity to get to know the people you are working with because having friends around the world is wonderful! Yes, you have a friend in 30 countries! 

With a commitment to excellence and global talent pool expansion, we’re buckled in for the road ahead.

Sarajevo Technology Center

Istanbul Technology Center