AP Team Creating Excellence Way to go Can

Today we are celebrating the success of our colleague Can Bilgin, who has recently become Xamarin Certified Developer. On that occasion, we conducted a brief interview with Can, in which among other things, he revealed how significant this recognition is for him.

AP: At the very beginning, let’s start with your background?

CB: As some of you already know, I am Can Bilgin, currently working as a Program Architect. I joined Authority Partners team in the beginning of 2016. I am also a Microsoft MVP for the Windows Platform Development.

I am originally from Turkey but have been more of a nomad since I left the motherland for high school at the age of 16. I studied in Trieste, Italy for high school and later on moved to Bremen, Germany for university. I have been in Sarajevo for almost a decade where I tied the knot and possibly anchored.

AP: Now, let’s talk about your work at Authority Partners? How would you describe your job to someone who is not familiar with it?

CB: As a profession, I’ve always had hard time explaining what I do to my close family, so it is even harder to describe what I do in Authority Partners. I think I would put myself on the Research side on the scale of Research & Development. As a Program Architect I am responsible for solution architecture and quality, while also being responsible possible POCs and solution proposals for initial project elaboration. I am also (trying to be) a mentor for my colleagues for Xamarin platform through mobile engagements and workshops.

AP: How did you get interested in developing?

CB: I actually have an electrical engineering background which I dreamed of since childhood. As you grow up, you face the realities and your goals shifts towards what you can do and what people want you to do rather than what you want to do. However, I can say software development has become a lifestyle for me over the past circa, 15 years.

AP: You have recently become Xamarin Certified Developer, congratulation, it’s a big thing. What does it mean for you?

CB: It does not mean as much sentimentally as the MVP award, however, it is great to get the approval and formal recognition of this specific skillset. It also means a great peace of mind for me since it was something that I wanted to do for a while but the certification process takes around 60-70 hours plus a final exam. Thanks to the Authority Partners management’s understanding and support I managed to complete it. Plus, the added benefit of entry to certified Xamarin consultants’ database.

AP: Any words of wisdom for students or practitioners starting out?

CB: The moment you decide to go stale, settle and be comfortable where you are, is the moment you start to decline. Especially in the development world. They should always have, a bit of a cliché, a thirst for knowledge, enthusiasm and goals at any point in their careers, and life.

AP: Thank you Can!