AP Marks 13 Years of Creating Excellence in BiH and 20 Years of Having a Global Presence in the IT

Authority Partners celebrates 20 years since first launching its business globally, and 13 years of excellent and responsible business practices in BiH. To mark the occasion, Maja Karabeg, co-owner of Authority Partners; Amina Karić, Vice President of Operations at AP; Elmana Pelko and Adnan Kovačić, AP Software Developers; and Senita Slipac Kalamujić, founder of the Bosana Foundation, addressed the audience.

Authority Partners was created out of a love for programming and the desire to provide young people in BiH with the opportunity to work on major projects for the most successful global companies. As a result, we have gathered a team of about 200 IT professionals and, over the past 13 years, 700 individuals have had the opportunity to grow and develop as part of our team.

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“Our key to success is people and years of devoted work, because excellent people are not revealed, they are created. We are proud of the fact that we have definitely made a positive impact on the software development industry, as well as on society, in general,” said Maja Karabeg, co-owner of Authority Partners.

During the awards ceremony, we recognized everyone who selflessly shared their excellence in 2017. As part of the AP loyalty program, Elmana Pelko and Adnan Kovačić, who have been part of the AP team for 10 years, were awarded 10,000 BAM. On this occasion, Maja Karabeg pointed out that loyalty brings stability, and stability is one of the values nurtured by Authority Partners.

“When people ask why I’ve been at the same company for so many years, I tell them that AP had 13 people when I came, and now we are a company of around 200 people. AP has occupied three different buildings in Sarajevo, so I’ve gone through a small, medium and large company. I’ve been with the same company and have had different opportunities to grow and develop, both professionally and personally,” explained Elmana Pelko, AP Software Developer.

Through its social responsibility, Authority Partners takes care of the community and builds a better future for everyone. In addition to other activities, AP has been supporting the Bosana Foundation for a long time. Therefore, this year we awarded our Community Hero Award to Senita Slipac Kalamujić, founder of the Bosana Foundation.

“Senita’s extraordinary energy, strength, will and heart is the reason why the foundation has supported around 80 BiH students in the past eight years,” said Maja Karabeg.

For seven consecutive years, Authority Partners has been considered one of the most preferred employers in BiH and, on the basis of business results for 2016, it was listed among 100 Najvećih u Bosni i Hercegovini (100 Largest in BiH).”

Authority Partners will continue to grow by acquiring new knowledge and skills, and providing exceptionally high quality service, methodology and information technology strategies. The company’s goal is to continue to provide professional development and stability for its consultants, and to remain a reliable partner for its clients.