AP Lab turns 2

On March 18th 2016, we celebrated two years since the launching of AP Lab – a place that offers exciting internship opportunities and where talent meets talent.

This special occasion gathered Microsoft and EESTEC LC Sarajevo representatives, Authority Partners employees and former AP Lab interns around cake and good food. Guests had the opportunity to witness the final project presentation of the first AP Lab IoT Explorers generation, as well as hear more about the achievements made through AP Lab internship programs in these last two years:

• 8 successful internship sessions held

• 120 interns trained and prepared for a real-world IT experience

• 30 passionate and talented interns employed at Authority Partners

AP Lab turns 2 second photo

We are looking forward to seeing how many talented individuals we will be welcoming into our AP family until the next AP Lab birthday celebration.
Until then, we encourage all those who are interested in joining our AP Lab internship programs to visit: https://apwd.wpengine.com/careers/blog/ap-lab-internship-opportunity and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.