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AP Lab Nurtures Talent for Real World Solutions

Anela Tucakovic, Talent Acquisition Specialist @Authority Partners

At Authority Partners we know how important a formal education is to understanding fundamental principles in engineering and computer science. But in our 24 years of experience providing innovative IT solutions to our client partners, we have also learned that hands-on experience in a real-world IT programming and engineering environment is something they do not teach at school!

With the pace of technological change and the pressures of delivering on budget and on time, we are managing to create excellent software using the cutting-edge technologies. Besides this, we are doing our part to help the IT community grow by giving a chance to the recent graduates pursue their career ambitions. Since 2014, we have been offering training programs at our AP Lab – Center for Talent and Innovation in Sarajevo. The AP Lab not only offers programs that are the first of their kind in Bosnia and Herzegovina, but the programs are also a valuable source of honed and well-trained professionals ready to take on the challenges of an exciting IT career in our community and beyond.

AP Lab

The Authority Partners (AP) Lab – Talent and Innovation Center, supports young talent in their education and helps them build on their existing knowledge while also giving them practical experience.

Created out of our love for programming, AP Lab provides, free of charge, an opportunity for future IT professionals to gain the knowledge and skills they need to quickly advance along specialized IT development streams. It helps ensure that the trainees acquire the experience they need to be ready at the starting gate the moment they get a job in the IT field.

Designed for young engineers seeking first-hand experience in software development, provide an opportunity to learn from the best and work with the latest technologies on exciting enterprise IT projects.

Only the most talented applicants get the chance to become part of the process. Once selected, they are guaranteed a life-changing experience where they grow from inexperienced engineers into capable professionals. Many of the selected candidates move on from being AP Lab trainees to our colleagues, joining us at Authority Partners to develop innovative IT solutions for our clients around the world.

As Sara Dzemidzic, a former AP Lab trainee and now a software developer at Authority Partners points out: “It was an honor and a privilege to be a part of the AP Lab Program – the greatest testing ground for any aspiring software engineer. The practical knowledge and experience that I gained was unparalleled and beyond my greatest expectations. Being able to take part in real-life engineering tasks and work on them under the supervision of experts gave me the tools I needed to deal with important technical challenges.”

AP Lab Programs

This program provides 16 weeks of structured and targeted lectures that incorporate the latest technologies, built around an ongoing, live project that we are developing. Trainees get the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of all aspects of software engineering and the full software development life cycle – including planning, designing, building, testing, and deployment.

The program was created, in part, as a response to the outdated curricula being taught to young people in the formal education system. It was an exciting opportunity for us as a company to provide free-of-charge learning opportunities, that could lead to employment for the young graduates in our community.

Since 2014 we have run 29 sessions, trained 373, and hired 184 of the AP Lab trainees as software developers, Quality Assurance Engineers, and Scrum Masters.

AP Lab is our way of giving back to the community, while supporting young people in their IT education. We help them acquire the practical experience and master the skills they need to develop, test, and deliver innovative IT solutions.

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We are Authority Partners, and we create excellence.

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