The process of lifelong learning is a decisive factor in all aspects of professional and personal development. Accepting this fact at an early age, according to relevant studies conducted worldwide in different cultures and economies, is essentially the first step towards personal excellence. Free, nearly unlimited access to information, inherent to the lifestyle of young people in Bosnia and Herzegovina, is clearly reinforcing their awareness of the importance of lifelong learning and serious companies are now directly investing in their own future by providing such models of informal learning.

In the face of often outdated curricula taught to youth in the formal education system, the AP Lab, part of the renowned company Authority Partners, is an excellent example of the practice of providing informal learning opportunities that lead to potential employment. For several years now, AP is delivering various practical training programs completely free of charge in order to train youth for the IT industry and its trends. The most talented are given an opportunity to develop their career by working as part of a team in a company that operates globally on five continents, with 400+ consultants.

“AP Lab training programs give young people an opportunity to work with top industry experts in various fields. Whether they carry on with further learning or launch into a career, the advantage of these programs is that they let young people choose their own education path by giving them a vertical and horizontal overview of available options. With each new year, youth in Bosnia and Herzegovina are becoming increasingly interested in the AP Lab, and when I say that I’m referring to the manifold increase in the number of applications. To us in AP this undoubtedly points to a bright future for the industry”, says Amina Karic, CEO, noting that IT training is a lifelong learning process and that employment in IT does not suffer from geographical limitations but instead opens doors to a very broad range of employment options, including entrepreneurship.

The AP Lab was launched in 2014, built around the idea that arose from Authority Partners’ social responsibility and belief in the importance of training. To date, 27 sessions were delivered to 324 interns, 135 of which were subsequently employed by AP. Leading up to the new training cycle, the company organized lectures in educational institutions such as the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and similar institutions dedicated to other relevant sciences. Ultimately, applications were received from an impressive 435 candidates, strongly reinforcing the fact that young people are attracted to this industry and fully aware of the advantages of the AP Lab Cloud Masters Training Program. It is interesting to note that the number of received applications is almost triple to that of the previous program. Technical prep interviews were held with the top 20 candidates. All sessions were held online. Trainers include prominent IT experts from BiH, Europe and the world.

The new AP Lab Cloud Masters Training Program in Sarajevo started on Monday, March 23rd. The company, on account of its social responsibility focus on promotion and advocacy for better and more effective education, undertakes to provide regular progress updates via its social media (links Facebook, Instagram, Twitter).