Education and employment of youth lay the foundation for success and it is Authority Partners’ (AP) way to invest in a prosperous future. AP launched AP Lab – Talent and Innovation Center eight years ago to support young talents in their education and help them build upon the knowledge they already have while allowing them to gain practical experience. After 16 weeks of the Cloud Masters Program, the AP team welcomed all 29 trainees to the AP Technology Center Sarajevo where they will continue to support them in developing IT careers and building them to be leaders of a better future.

So far, 29 training sessions have been delivered to 373 trainees, and 184 most talented became a part of the AP team. AP takes pride in how far we have come and knows that the prerequisite for success is faith in how far we can go, and most importantly to enjoy this beautiful journey.

„And just like that, our 29th Generation of trainees graduated! They wrapped it up with an excellent presentation. Kudos to all AP, especially those who participated in the program, and shared their personal and professional experience. I am thankful for our amazing mentors who are not just great professionals, they are also tremendous and inspiring human beings. AP LAB 29th Generation, welcome to Authority Partners! Spread your wings, dream big and fly high; the sky is the only limit!“ shared Maja Karabeg, Co-Founder of AP, who is deeply committed and passionate about leading AP’s contribution to social responsibility and building a better future for all.

The AP Lab’s last demo was attended by over 120 IT professionals from AP, now their colleagues. The program was divided into two groups, allowing trainees to pursue a Software Development or Quality Assurance career.

Kenan Hadzirovic, Program Architect and Software Engineer in AP, led a group of future software engineers, while Adnan Mujkanovic, Solution Architect and QA Engineer, and Ammar Salosevic, Program Architect and QA Engineer, led a group of future QA engineers.

Ammar Salošević, AP Lab Mentor, shared his experience: “It’s always fun to teach new people because everyone has a different mindset and way of thinking.”

When striving for excellence there are always ups and downs but what counts is persistence and commitment. Mentors encouraged AP Lab trainees to go confidently in the direction of their dreams as gain knowledge and skills, and are ready to join real projects as junior IT professionals.

“The interns worked hard and showed a great passion for IT, which will guide them in their careers,” shared Kenan, and Adnan proudly added that even though mentors are saying goodbye to this session, they will still be there to follow these individuals and help them progress in their careers and aspirations.

With AP Lab as starting point, nothing can stop you! Our interns have a ticket to dreams coming true, and shall always walk the glory road. Congratulations all!

The next session of the AP Lab Cloud Masters Program is planned for the fall of 2022. Stay tuned!