AP Introduced High School Students to the Dynamic World of the Software Industry

Our employees were enthused to host students from the Secondary Technical School of Graphic Technology, Design and Multimedia Sarajevo today, giving them an answer to the question “What does a day in the IT industry look like?”. Our team, made up of the best software experts in the country, welcomed students in the thriving environment of our offices. Aside from the work environment and atmosphere inside the company, students had an opportunity to discuss the benefits of working in the software industry with our employees.

The average high school curriculum implies that students will primarily be receiving theoretical knowledge while sitting at their school desks. That knowledge is often combined with practical lectures, so that students can become familiar with the challenges each occupation entails. However, what most students are interested in, is the work environment that awaits them after graduating from high school. This is key for later choosing their professional direction.

As a software development pioneer in Bosnia and Herzegovina, we take our role in the development of the IT industry quite seriously. A key factor in this effort are future developers who we aim to inspire and motive to consider the benefits and overall potential of the software industry as their choice of profession.

We’re quite certain we met a number of developers in the making today, one of the students, Ajdin Tabak, described today’s visit with the following words: “Though I’ve been interested in the IT industry since elementary school, and have learned a lot in high school, I only got a real picture of this profession with my visit to Authority Partners. This profession gives me a sense of security and power; I feel like I could rule the world. Everything that I saw today, as well as the tips that I received, have motivated me to continue learning and to keep working towards my goal of one day becoming a part of a team such as Authority Partners.”

Hoping to meet our budding developers again 🙂