Authority Partners will be a part of the largest business-technology conference in B&H – Microsoft Network 7, once again this year. From April 19th to the 21st, the most renowned lecturers in the region and the greatest experts of the B&H software industry, will gather in Neum.

Representatives of the company Authority Partners (Enes Pelko, Mustafa Toroman, Can Bilgin, Rijad Smajlović and Dino Buljubašić) will hold lectures on the most recent topics in the software industry.

Enes provides development support to live production systems, and thus knows quite well what it means to have good telemetry when the support service receives a call at 3 a.m. During the Conference, he will demonstrate how to monitor the application’s work in Azure.

Rijad and Dino will share their experience with AD Connect, Office 365, Right Management Services, Two-factor authentication and other technologies. They will also present how to expand and integrate local infrastructure with Microsoft cloud services.

Can will provide firsthand insight into real problems that developers and dev-op teams have when developing applications for Service Fabric. While Mustafa will be presenting what you need to know about Microsoft Azure’s networking. In addition to this lecture, Mustafa will also have a presentation in which he will show the best way to use the benefits that Azure offers on Linux. Mustafa will also participate at the Dev Panel topic “From Server to Serverless”.

“We are very proud that Authority Partners will have its representatives again at this year’s Microsoft Network Conference. We’re particularly proud of the fact that, with five representatives, we are the company with the most lecturers. This confirms that the best software industry experts work in Authority Partners. Besides our lectures and presentations, everyone present will have a chance to have a good time playing our VR quiz game “Cloud Runner”, which was specially prepared for this occasion” stated Authority Partners and added that the video game has a fun, educative and competitive component.

The players who show the highest level of knowledge of the software industry will be rewarded with valuable prizes.

This reward belongs to whole AP Team. Without their hard work and willingness to step up we would not be here. This is another proof that each day we create excellence.