AP Culture: How to Know if We Are a Match?


It’s time for the first podcast episode in 2021. We are kicking off this year with a topic about AP Culture where Hana Kocan Bibic, Talent Acquisition Specialist at AP, discusses why cultural fit is essential and how to know if you are a match.

During your professional lifetime, you will encounter companies with which you just click from day one, and sometimes you will get a feeling that it’s not a perfect match for you. This alignment, or lack of it, can greatly affect one’s happiness and overall job satisfaction. Having a working community where people are culturally fitting is as important for the business entity as it is for an individual as it facilitates satisfaction, growth, productiveness, and success.

When you are thinking about joining a company, it’s recommended that you understand their culture and do an assessment of yours to be sure that this is the environment where you will thrive and which you will be able to enjoy.

During this podcast, we will talk about AP culture, define it, go through how we assess cultural fit while being careful of potential risks and mistakes, and share some advice for anyone who is included in the hiring process in AP.


About Hana

Hana Kocan-Bibic is a Talent Acquisition Specialist at Authority Partners, with five years of experience matching talents with companies, gained through different corporate structures. She holds a Master’s degree in Psychology and is on a path to become a licensed Cognitive Behavioral Therapist. Hana grew up in Podgorica, Montenegro, and after completing her studies, Sarajevo became her second home. For the last two years, her main goal is to engage senior experts and young talents with Authority Partners’ global IT community while applying her knowledge on working principles of the human mind.

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Disclaimer: The views expressed in this podcast are the speaker’s own and do not reflect the view of Authority Partners.