4th Annual Authority Partners Architecture Summit

Our overarching aspiration is to be the authority in creating information technology excellence, and this gives shape and direction to our business. Thanks to our team’s passion for knowledge and commitment to quality we are able to achieve it.

This week at our AP Lab – Talent and Innovation Center, it was all about exciting ideas and impulses. We had two amazing days of sharing knowledge and experiences at our 4th Annual Authority Partners (AP) Architecture Summit. The event is wrapping up today in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and online around the world.

4th Annual Authority Partners Architecture Summit 2nd photo

Each year, Authority Partners architects select a set of topics for our annual gathering. During the summit, we learn about, discuss and adopt the direction we want to take in promoting and implementing selected technologies over the coming months and years. Surprisingly, this year’s topic was simply “Testing.” Through our DevOps transformation efforts, AP Architects have realized that our automated tests have either not been set up in a way that makes them ready for inclusion in DevOps pipelines, or that entire groups of tests have not been implemented. Therefore, we have decided to go back to the drawing board and reiterate what testing should look like for any Authority Partners project.

We had the pleasure of hearing three TED Talks. Adnan A. talked about how building trust, mutual understanding and expertise in cross-functional teams ensures quality and improves the well-being of technical teams; Ammar A. talked about nimble enterprises and how they fit into agile frameworks used in the software development lifecycle; and Adnan M. talked about how engineers are doing less actual testing in different industries, how it is being outsourced for testing in the production environment by users and what impact it is having.

As was the case with all of our previous summits, the time spent together away from our everyday obligations paid off BIG. Sessions were well-researched, well-prepared and presented with passion. Discussions were enlightening and constructive, and we all left with a better sense of what improvements we need to implement in the area of Testing. Special thanks to our colleagues, who prepared all the demos, presentations and TED Talks. Great job, guys! I am looking forward to seeing you all next year, together with our new Architecture Pool members,” said Erol Karabeg, AP President.

We are truly impressed by how far we have come together. We are grateful for the enthusiasm and great ideas that have come our way. Our Architecture Team rocks!

We look forward to organizing our annual gathering next year.