This month, we welcome a new member to the team and a new country to our world-wide list of consultant sources. Nura Eston, Head of Marketing and Communications, has joined us from the land of maple syrup, poutine and a prime minister with great hair. Nura shared with us some travel tips for Canada, what she loves about Authority Partners and the importance of relationship building in the workplace.

AP: Hi Nura, tell us more about yourself..

NE: Despite being (too much of) a talker, it can be difficult to talk about myself. With familial roots in Bosnia and Herzegovina, I was born and raised in Toronto where I finished school and pursued a career in marketing and communications. I’ve worked in fintech with payments companies, and have experience in marketing, communications, PR and relationship management. Also, I have a really cute puppy that takes up a lot of my energy – I know, what a COVID cliché!

AP: If we decide to visit beautiful Canada, what we need to see and experience?

NE: This is a hard one – not because of a lack of options, but because of how vast and diverse Canada’s offerings are. British Columbia for nature (but note: it rains A LOT), Toronto for the culture scene (tons of unique neighborhoods to visit and explore) and Montreal for food and a European vibe in North America.

AP: What sparked your interest in applying for a job at Authority Partners?

NE: Initially, I saw a job posting I loved but didn’t actually think was relevant to me because I was in Canada and wasn’t sure if there was a team here. In chatting with a friend who works here, it became quickly clear that the founders’ vision, the company’s culture and the role itself were very well-aligned with the type of organization I’d like to be a part of. Lucky me!

AP: How would you describe AP?

NE: Helpful, organized and warm. There is a resource to guide you through any process question you may have and a warm team to greet you in anything you need.

AP: What is your role?

NE: I am Authority Partners’ head of marketing and communications, overseeing our internal and external engagements with our existing and prospective employees and client partners.

AP: What are you passionate about?

NE: I’m passionate about ethical business practices. It’s very important to me that a company cares for its people, its clients and the integrity of what they produce. This goes from selecting an employer to the goods I prefer to purchase. In today’s world, I really do think we vote with our wallets and can control the direction of our world by investing and spending accordingly.

AP: Your favorite quote is….

NE: “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”

AP: What is your definition of success?

NE: Quite simply, incremental improvement that gets noticed.

AP: Do you find it important to build strong relations with colleagues essential for success?

NE: 100%. Without building these relationships, there is no strong collaboration nor open discussion, and it is these conversations that are often that catalyst for improvement and growth.

AP: Do you have any advice for those who are planning to join the AP community? 

NE: I feel like they’ve probably already taken some great advice if they got to the point of applying. But, here’s some for once they arrive:

  • Be ready to be surrounded by intelligent, hard-working individuals who also know how to have fun.
  • Don’t be intimidated, you were chosen to be part of this select group of professionals for a reason.
  • Make a point of introducing yourself to colleagues outside of your team – there’s so much to learn, and our people are a great resource.

AP: Thank you Nura!