Authority Partners Celebrates 22 Years on the Global Stage and 15 Years of Doing Business in BiH

Last weekend, Authority Partners celebrated 22 years on the global stage and 15 years of doing business in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Amina Karic, Vice President of Authority Partners, gave the welcome speech, and other AP leaders spoke about the company’s success: Tarik Karic, Director of IT; Anesa Budim Kovac, Director of Operations; Armin Dinar, Director of Business Development; and Alen Durgut, Program Architect. They were joined by Lana Hadzimujic, Mirha Mirkov, Mirjana Vukovic, Amra Karic and Armin Brkic, Engineering Managers at AP.

AP also gave its Community Hero Award, just as it has in previous years when marking its anniversary. This annual recognition is given to heroes in the community, people who are recognized for work which makes the community better and more joyful to live in. 

During the ceremony, 14 consultants, all of whom selflessly share their knowledge and promote AP’s core values, were recognized for their excellence. The new AP ambassadors were also announced. Those who are selected for this program have an inner drive to create opportunities that help AP employees grow together.


Amina Karic started the evening by sharing the following: “Authority Partners’ global story started 22 years ago, and it has been 15 years since we started operating in Bosnia and Herzegovina.” She continued with more company highlights: “We are starting this anniversary by proudly announcing that we opened the AP Technology Center in Istanbul this year. We started our journey with the vision and desire to be an authority in creating excellent IT solutions. Today, the strength of the AP family lies in more than the 300 consultants working on five continents and in 25 countries all around the world. To be a part of this family is a priceless experience for all who want to overcome challenges, grow, and make progress, both privately and professionally, and to be a part of the IT community of experts.”


Amina concluded by stressing that a big “Thank You” goes to Authority Partners consultants, for all the terrific things they have achieved together on this fantastic journey. “We are looking forward to continuing this journey – which leads to excellence, growth, development, stability and social responsibility – in the many years to come.

In keeping with the AP Loyalty Program, which has become a tradition at this company, consultants who are marking their tenth year at Authority Partners were presented with a check for 10,000 KM.

Amra Behrem Kovacic had this to say: “It is an honor and a pleasure to be here with you, and to wish Authority Partners many more successful years of work. Thank you for this recognition, which really means a lot to me. This is a motivation to be even better at my work, because our work is valued and appreciated here. If there hadn’t been people who gave me the opportunity to work and learn, I would not be here tonight. I want to thank our Founders, Maja and Erol, and the team of directors for being true leaders all these years. A special thank you goes to my colleagues from the projects I’m working on; I learn from them every day, and conquer small and big challenges.”

The story of Authority Partners started with four consultants who were willing to contribute to the community, and, after seven years, this number grew to include the first 100 professionals at Authority Partners. The number of consultants doubled after only three years. The AP community was more than 300-strong by 2020. Today, Authority Partners ranks among the most successful and most prosperous companies of its kind, both globally and in BiH. This company respects the community it comes from and cherishes the values that go with social responsibility, and so it offers the Community Hero Award to deserving individuals.

This year’s recipient, Tim Clancy, was recognized for the selfless support he offers to the community. Now known as a legendary BiH humanitarian, Clancy is an expert on sustainable development that focuses on eco-tourism and the environment. He came to the region in 1992 as a volunteer who was engaged in humanitarian work, and he has been living and working in the Balkans ever since, having built a new home in Sarajevo. He heard about the award while on his way to Tuzla, where he has been working over the past few months with in organizing winter shelters for the large number of migrants at Tuzla’s railway station.

Tim thanked AP for the award by way of a video message. He shared that he comes from an Irish-American family, and that this is what marked his work and his relationship with the community. “We are New Yorkers – firefighters, police officers, teachers, nurses. I was always strongly committed to serving the community I live in. Bosnia and Herzegovina is my home, where I’ve been living for 27 years now, and where my children were born,” said Clancy. While showing his appreciation for the award, he shared this instructional story: “The only comment I have today is the story of how, a few years ago, I was talking to a friend about one of my heroes, Nelson Mandela. My friend explained that we need to be very careful when stating that someone is a hero, because we are implying that the person is doing an extraordinary job, which exempts us from having to assume part of the responsibility. Therefore, I do not consider myself a hero, but I do consider myself a person who assumes some responsibility for making this community a better place. Thank you for thinking of me and for paying attention to what we do. I am happy that you have recognized this work.

As a company, Authority Partners will continue to create excellence in all that it does, and will actively participate in the life of the community, because, in today’s world, this is the only recipe for success!

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