Amazing Night in Honor of our 14th Anniversary in BiH and a Global Presence Spanning 21

Authority Partners (AP) celebrates 21 years since first launching its business globally, and 14 years of creating a legacy in BiH. To mark the occasion, Amina Karić, AP Vice President of Operations; Amila Pita and Emir Ramadanovic, AP Directors of Engineering; Haris Budjevac, Rihad Seherac, Selma Opanovic, AP Engineering Managers; and Elvir Karalic, founder of addressed the audience.  

Fourteen years ago, on a snowy Monday, Authority Partners opened its office in BiH with the great vision of wanting to be the authority in creating information technology excellence. We started our adventure with four consultants, and, within seven years, we were up to 100. We then doubled that number in less than three years. Today, our AP family is over 200 strong.

 “I just would like to take a moment to thank our consultants for this beautiful journey, for all great things that we have accomplish together. We started our journey with just 4 people who were willing to trust us. Today when we came boast with 245 Authority Partners Lab participants and 526 unique consultants’ names who were part of our family. We started working in a room office with one project. Today we are in 2 ½ office buildings, working with 45 clients and over 100 projects,” said Maja Karabeg, co-owner of Authority Partners.

During the awards ceremony, Directors of Engineering recognized 21 consultants who selflessly shared their knowledge in 2018, and Engineering Managers shared examples of team excellence from 2018. As part of the AP Loyalty Program, Belma Muftic, who has been part of the AP team for 10 years, were awarded 10,000 BAM.

“It brings great happiness and it is rare to find a place where you feel safe and can be completely yourself. I found myself during my first attempt 10 years ago, with the help of the wonderful and great people who surrounded me, the people who, over time, have become my family. Thanks to everyone who has helped me on my way to becoming what I am today,” said Belma.

Authority Partners is truly proud of the fact that, thanks to our positive business practices, dynamic environment and culture of excellence, we have raised the IT industry in BiH to a new level. Today we are an equal partner on the global market.

“We achieved this goal despite the fact that 70% of our consultants started as juniors. Only those who have gone through this know how much work, knowledge, patience, hours, and willpower are needed to achieve it. "Growth and Development" is one of our key values. We have made a choice that is demanding and challenging, and not many IT companies can say the same, or to sound like Kennedy: We chose this path, not because it's easy, but because it's hard. The goal was not only to create a successful business, but also to leave a "legacy" of something bigger. And what can be bigger than investing in young people?” said Maja Karabeg, co-owner of Authority Partners.

We are a socially responsible company that invests its knowledge, energy and heart in building a better place to live. We want to recognize individuals and organizations that share the same vision, so this year we presented our Community Heroes Award to Elvir Karalić and This marks the second year in a row that we have awarded this prize.

„As our slogan says: "We have only what we give." I can confirm that a person feels particularly fulfilled when he or she is able to help others. So far, the association has helped over 600,000 people. I am very honored to receive the "Community Heroes Award"  and I want to dedicate it to all of the people who have made this possible," said Elvir Karalic, founder of 

For seven years in a row, Authority Partners has been ranked among the most desirable employers in BiH, and, according to busines results, it is set to be listed among the 100 most successful companies in BiH for the second consecutive year.

We are looking forward to continuing our journey – one that is led by excellence, growth and development, stability and social responsibility – for many years to come.


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