How to Implement Automation and Start with DevOps on Legacy Programs


Working on legacy enterprise systems is always challenging. Successfully implementing automation to legacy programs is even more complex. Automation is just an extension of the manual approach. Do not try to fix the past; focus on the future and iterate the automation of the STLC.

On that topic, our perfect podcast duo, Adnan Mujkanovic, QA Solution Architect, and Imer Muhovic, QA Analyst, Program Architect and Test Automation Engineer at Authority Partners, sat down to discuss how to implement automation and start with DevOps on legacy programs.

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About Adnan & Imer

Adnan Mujkanovic, is an experienced QA Solution Architect at Authority Partners. He continuously strives to find proactive solutions that help our engineering teams to react faster and adapt to any situation/product need in this hectic IT world – one where time and quality of delivery are of the essence.

Our episode host, Imer Muhovic is a QA Analyst, Program Architect and Test Automation Engineer at Authority Partners. Having come from a science background, Imer has in-depth experience with different development and data analysis platforms, and is easily intrigued by complex topics.

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Disclaimer: The views expressed in this podcast are the speaker’s own and do not reflect the view of Authority Partners.