How AP Lab Transforms Careers?

Formal education is a great foundation, but continual investment in new skills is necessary for one to realize their full personal potential. In 2014, Authority Partners launched the AP Lab – Talent and Innovation Center with the aim of supporting young people in their IT education by helping them gain practical experience and master the skills needed to develop, test, and deliver an IT product to a client.

With so many open positions, the IT industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. Over the past six years, over 260 interns – many of whom have transformed their lives and careers – have completed the AP Lab program. Almost 100 of them are now part of the AP team.

It’s an honor to be an AP Lab mentor because, by helping the interns improve their technical and personal skills, there will be more IT professionals in our country. Since I was also a participant in the same internship program a few years ago, I know what should be explained more thoroughly and which mistakes are most commonly made; I can teach them about cutting-edge technologies and show them how to follow the process,” – Arnela Harba, AP Lab Mentor.

At Authority Partners, we often say that being in love with programing is where it all begins. After all, our journey of excellence began like that, and it is still driven with the same passion for IT.

We are truly dedicated to providing students with a unique experience – spending time in an actual work environment that will await them once they have completed their education.

With each new training session, we try to add something different. This time, we organized AP Lab Hackathon to connect all dots that make the delivery of an IT product to a client – from planning, designing, building, testing to deployment. It was much more than 12 hours of coding. It was about having fun, working under a defined time frame, and building team spirit.

During the training program, the participants also had a chance to hear various talks on trending topics within the industry from our best IT experts. These enthusiastic and hardworking young people also enjoyed many relaxing and fun activities. We believe that these activities can contribute to the development of interpersonal and communication skills.

Now, they have an idea of what it’s like to work with modern technologies and what is needed to deliver the final product to a client. They are ready to make a difference.

We asked them about their impressions, and this is what they shared with us:

For me, the AP Lab represents a perfect opportunity to learn and gain experience while working on real projects. Our mentor is super friendly and communicative, an expert before anything else, and she can pass on her enormous knowledge to us without any problems. All the Lab colleagues are friendly, smart, and communicative. I didn’t notice any signs of rivalry or jealousy among us, and with that I can say that we are like one class, one group, one small family. I believe everyone, including myself, can admit to themselves that they have never learned more in such a short period of time. That is an incredible sign that this Lab offers the best lectures, the best practice, and the best IT professionals.” (Jusuf Suljic)

First of all, I would like to say that I never imagined that it would be like this when working for any company. Most of the interns became very close and like a new family somehow. The atmosphere is really good, and everyone communicates openly. My colleagues are always ready to help and that is very important in these kinds of jobs. I’d like to say that our mentor is a very dedicated and committed person. She was there for us whenever we asked her for advice. One more thing that I’d like to mention is that we are getting really good feedback on the things we do. I like how we can learn from code reviews, which she does for every task. This way we can develop our knowledge and become better developers. These are just some of the things I really like here.” (Dino Cosic)

We’re so happy to lead young IT professionals to careers of the future. We are proud that the AP Lab contributes to development of IT industry in BiH, raises standards and prepares interns for successful careers. We are growing together and building our future by investing in the present.