Grand opening of AP Lab talent and inovation

A formal education is a great foundation for every individual, but in order to realize one’s full personal potential, it is necessary to continually invest in new skills. In 2014, we launched the AP Lab – Talent and Innovation Center with the aim of supporting young people in their education, and helping them build upon the knowledge they already have, while allowing them to gain practical experience.

To date, 212 participants have passed through our program and, after four successful years, our talent and innovation center has been redesigned and moved to a new location to serve a new generation of IT enthusiasts. At the grand opening of our new premises, Amina Karić, Vice President of Operations, presented AP Lab achievements and announced new programs.

Authority Partners was created out of a love for programming, and with our AP Lab we provide an opportunity for future IT professionals to gain the experience, knowledge and skills necessary to work at our company. We believe that the AP Lab will help develop the IT industry in BiH, raise standards and prepare interns for successful careers.

Most young people are interested in the actual work environment that awaits them once they have completed their education. The AP Lab provides answers to the following questions: What is it like to work with modern technologies? and What is needed in order to deliver the final product to a client?

Samim Konjicija, Dean of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Sarajevo, agrees that every aspect of practical work is needed to enhance academic knowledge. Dean Konjicija attended our grand opening and supported our project by emphasizing that it is basically a means of investing in the community.

So far, the AP Lab – Talent and Innovation Center has held 19 training sessions, and there are currently two training programs: Cloud Masters and Agile PM Masters. The experience gained from the trainers has helped interns to bravely set out for the IT world, and 43 participants have been offered the opportunity to become a part of the Authority Partners team.

The AP Lab exemplifies excellence, not only through the software solutions that Authority Partners delivers to its customers, but also through the relationship it has with the local community, which has been helping to build this company in Bosnia and Herzegovina over the past 13 years.