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Elevate Your Testing: The Power of Containerization Explored

Online - MS Teams

Join us for the December session of ABSL Club Powered by Authority Partners, during which QA Engineers Ajisa Cebo and Rabina Jusufovic will dig into containerized test environments during a fireside chat. Picture this: containers are like lightweight, portable boxes that hold everything needed to run software smoothly. During this session, Ajisa and Rabina will […]

Beyond Chat: GPT-Powered Agents for Digital Transformation

FREE Live Webinar

Unlock AI-Driven Customer Engagement and Business Agility with Authority Partners' GPT for Enterprise Imagine AI agents that not only understand your customers in real time, but also elevate your enterprise data and services to new heights. Introducing GPT for Enterprise, Authority Partners' comprehensive service offering that leverages the transformative power of Generative AI. From a […]

Secure Cloud Application Delivery: Mitigating Risks and Accelerating Delivery Cadence with DevSecOps

FREE Live Webinar

Join our upcoming webinar and gain invaluable insights into securing cloud application delivery while maintaining a swift delivery cadence. With the escalating risk of supply chain attacks in modern enterprise software applications and delivery chains, it is crucial to comprehend these risks and take proactive measures to mitigate them effectively. In this webinar, our experts […]