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Following the successful organization of our first event in the DEV Talks series which was held in Tuzla in June 2016, we are bringing DEV Talks to Sarajevo! DEV Talks is a one-day event designed for sharing knowledge and experience from one developer to another. It covers advanced industry topics and serves as a platform for learning the latest in IT and engaging in discussions and networking with peers. Join us for 5 hours of exciting lectures delivered by top-notch experts from Authority Partners, coffee and lunch breaks, as well as networking in the beautiful and warm atmosphere of the Pino Nature Hotel on the Trebevic mountain.


First Talk:

With over 10 years of experience as a professional software developer, Enes Pelko will be discussing the “Making of Great Domain Models”:

The main challenge of good designs and architectures is that they usually don’t start that good. Our domain models very often start as anemic, data-centric property bags while business logic is scattered across “services”. But it does not have to end like that. With small number of refactoring techniques, we can make a great domain model where business objects respect boundaries, take our commands, and never, ever find themselves in a bad state.

Enes Pelko is currently working as a Solution Architect at Authority Partners. During his career, he worked for Fortune 500 companies building large custom enterprise systems. His specialty is building platforms for developing custom SOA solutions. Enes has a passion for new technologies and is a frequent speaker at conferences and community events. He believes that software development is not just about building new products, but also about building development teams which will be capable of creating new ideas and transforming them into real products.



Second Talk:

Possessing more than 6 years of IT experience, Ammar Arnautovic will teach you how to prepare the migration of your Angular 1 application to Angular 2:

When Angular 2 was announced, they pulled a trick on us – we can’t simply upgrade our ng1 project to ng2. This presentation will show you the techniques on how to prepare your existing code-base, and help you migrate your applications to the latest version of the popular JS framework.

Ammar Arnautovic currently works as a Software Engineer at Authority Partners. Even though he started off as an MS .NET back-end developer, he quickly discovered his passion for front-end JavaScript frameworks. He has worked on fully-blown enterprise solutions built on the Angular framework. Ammar believes that there is not one superior JavaScript framework, but one should be able to easily embrace any existing framework, depending on the project’s needs.



Third Talk:

With over 16 years of IT industry experience, Rijad Smajlovic will be presenting “Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions”:

This presentation will give an overview for IT professionals how to provision and manage services in Microsoft Azure (Azure). You can use Microsoft Azure Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) virtual machines for a wide range of purposes, including hosting web apps by using Internet Information Services (IIS). However, Azure also includes a specialized Azure App Service that you can use to host web apps, mobile apps, and application programming interface (API) apps without configuring a virtual machine and the associated platform software. When you use App Service, you can create a web app or choose from a wide range of common web applications. Platform as a Service (PaaS) cloud services constitute another hosting model you can use to run web applications and web services in Microsoft Azure. These cloud services use a modular architecture that allows you to scale your application to very large sizes while minimizing costs.

Rijad Smajlovic is currently working as a Systems Engineer at Authority Partners. He is specialized in systems design, pre-sales technical survey, project/team management and project delivery, Microsoft technologies design and implementation, Virtualization systems design and implementation, Security systems design and planning and implementing Office 365 and Cloud services. With over 10 years of experience with official Microsoft Certificate (MCT) for teaching Microsoft Official Curriculum courses at Logosoft educational center and sometimes as a speaker at Microsoft conferences, Rijad is happy to transfer his practical experience to his course students.


Don’t miss out on the opportunity to learn the latest in IT and engage in discussions and networking with peers!