Creating Talent: The AP Lab Story


Summing up 2022 with a full podcast studio and one of our favorite topics: AP Lab.

Led by dedicated Authority Partners consultants, AP Lab is a 16-week program focusing on full-stack development and quality assurance, covering the entire software development lifecycle.

For this session, we gathered our very own AP Lab Alumni, Nerma Hanić, Eldin Cengic and Rabina Jusufovic; AP Lab coordinator and TA Specialist Anela Tucakovic; and current lab trainee Adnan Bucalovic.

They talk about the program, why it is structured the way it is and what they think you should know about it.


About  Speakers

Rabina Jusufovic is a QA/Test Automation Engineer and has been working with Authority Partners for a little over a year and attended the 2021-2022 AP Lab session. Running a block of code that failed, followed by hours of troubleshooting kindled her spark for IT. Rabina enjoys a good challenge and thrives in a dynamic work environment.

Anela Tucakovic is a Talent Acquisition Specialist with over three years of experience in IT Industry recruitment, possessing a background in sales and marketing. Anela is versatile in sourcing, screening and the general placement of IT professionals from various career paths across the global market. She is passionate about bringing young IT professionals to the global Authority Partners team and helping them grow their careers.

Nerma Hanic has been a Software Engineer at Authority Partners for over three years. She started her professional career as an AP Lab intern, and now she is a Team Lead and AP Lab Mentor. Nerma is currently finishing her master’s degree at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Sarajevo. Driven by a passion for the IT industry, she takes pride in knowing that during her up-and-rising career she took part in multiple global organizations such as BH Future Foundation, Aiesec- international global volunteer team and Eestec LC Sarajevo.

Eldin Cengic is a QA Engineer and Program Architect at Authority Partners. He studied Power Engineering but decided to pursue a career in the IT industry during his studies since that was something he discovered he was most interested in. Today, his most professional interests are UI test automation and team process organization.

Adnan Bucalovic is a current AP Lab Trainee and a graduate student at the Faculty of Economics from the Department of Information Systems Management. He is interested in anything related to coding and software development. He enjoys problem-solving and learning new and interesting technologies, especially in the field of web development.

After 30 sessions, AP Lab needs no introduction. Make yourself comfortable and tune in!

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this podcast are the speaker’s own and do not reflect the view of Authority Partners.