Building Culture or Why We Still Love Mondays

By Senad Alibegovic, Global Brand Manager & Communications Specialist @ Authority Partners

In this blog, Authority Partners’ Global Brand Manager & Communications specialist talks about the dynamic work culture at the organization and how our core values and diverse, international workforce contribute to delivering cutting-edge and cost-effective IT solutions for our business partners and clients around the world.  

As part of a global brand in business for over 25 years, I am really proud of our corporate culture and the sense of community we’ve created. With over 500 consultants around the world, in over 30 countries, a lot has gone into building our awesome, dynamic and diverse work environment. Driven by our core values of excellence, stability, social responsibility and growth, the quality of the work we produce and the solutions we deliver to our clients are exemplary. 

We’ve harnessed our unique qualities into strengths that set us apart from the competition. Our company is built around diverse teams, languages and cultures, and this diversity gives us the insight that enables us to optimally fulfill our clients’ needs. Our continued growth and long-term relationships with Fortune 500 companies is a testament to the success of our approach.  

The result is a great global company with a fantastic global culture. Mondays aren’t just the start of the work week here, they’re an opportunity to work once more with a great global company that has a fantastic culture.  

Excellence and Stability 

When I talk to my colleagues, I always remind them that one of the hashtags on our social media feed is #creatingexcellence. This announces—to our prospective clients, to future employees and to the world—that the heart of an Authority Partners project lies in creating excellence in everything we do. Our goal is to deliver excellent products and perform to the best of our abilities. Beyond just IT development, this is an approach that pervades all areas of the company, including where I work in the Marketing and Communications department.  

It also extends to our work culture, where we strive to offer the best possible environment and training opportunities to all our team members. This can range from English language training and brush-up classes for both client and non-client facing consultants, to improving soft skills for program managers. 

Stability is another core value. We work hard to generate stable, long-term relationships with our clients. Some of the businesses we work with have been with us for close to 20 years! These kinds of commitments are exceptional in our industry and a real source of pride for us as a company. 

Stability is also part of the work culture. The global demand for IT expertise is high and as an IT consulting company we are very sensitive to the situation. We know that a stable and enriching work environment is key to retaining the kind of talent we need to keep on making Authority Partners a fantastic place to work and to deliver the great business outcomes we are known for.  

Social Responsibility and Growth 

As a global company, we understand and honor cultural differences. It is part of our DNA. We are very conscious of the challenges of bridging different languages, customs and identities. Our experience has demonstrated that by making “global first” a mantra, we can better infuse an international mindset into our work culture and address the nuances of cultural difference. 

We actively work to promote a global mindset by creating diverse and multicultural teams. It is a well-established ethos at Authority Partners that an integral part of taking on a leadership role within the company involves nurturing and supporting the diversity within our work culture.  

We actively promote the importance of our global and multicultural organization. As we work to bring people together into diverse and dynamic working groups, we embrace different tools for communicating, and we respect different time zones.  

This desire to bridge differences and work together is not only reflected in the work we do to encourage the personal and professional growth and development of our team members but also through our programs that reach out into the larger communities where we work.  

In addition to mentorship programs for those who have recently come into the company, we also have a program called AP Lab. AP Lab supports recent university graduates through training opportunities. The program works to provide hands-on experience and accelerate careers with the possibility of being hired for positions within our organization. 

As someone who works in marketing and communications for Authority Partners, I am lucky to have a birds-eye view of what goes on within our organization. On a daily basis, I’m reminded that a corporate culture doesn’t just arise spontaneously but has to be nurtured and thoughtfully crafted. It’s about the quality of leadership and the quality of communication both inside and outside the organization. Our work building a global corporate culture makes work a great place to be. We love Mondays! 

For 25 years, we at Authority Partners have been providing IT solutions that have helped our clients become leaders in their industries. We have been partners in their growth, creating software solutions that deliver a clear competitive advantage. 

Our technical excellence and our commitment to delivering on budget and on time is not only a value proposition but a part of a reputation we are extremely proud of. We are partners who help deliver business outcomes.  

We are Authority Partners.  

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