We are thrilled to announce our partnership with UN Women and the UN Global Compact in the Women’s Empowerment Principles (WEPs). It is important to mention that Authority Partners is one of 5,352 worldwide companies that have signed this collaboration, including corporations such as Google and Microsoft.

The principles are the primary means for the cooperation of the public and private sector in achieving gender equality and are prominently positioned on the 2030 agenda as goals of sustainable development of the United Nations. For us, this is a beginning of a long-term process aimed at achieving gender equality in the information technology sector. 

WEPs consist of seven principles adopted by over 3,000 business leaders around the world. Authority Partners has committed to its implementation through cooperation with the three UN agencies – UNDP, UNICEF, and UN Women – that have created the IT Girls initiative and will provide all the necessary logistical assistance to us on the path of implementing the Principles for the Empowerment of Women.

“We strongly believe that all men and women are created equal, and as a woman and co-founder of an IT company, I would like to see more girls choosing IT-related career paths. The past didn’t always treat women and girls fairly and equally, but we came to the point where we have a chance to choose our path. A new world is approaching, where real and artificial are going to be interconnected. More than ever, we need to ensure that women are included, visible and engaged in envisioning and building a better future for all, despite gender, race, nationality, sexual orientation any other discriminating factors.” Maja Karabeg, Co-Founder of Authority Partners, stated at this occasion. 

We are dedicated to deepening, broadening, and strengthening private sector engagement to help shift behaviors for gender-responsive business conduct using a strategic approach and empowering women’s current and future employers. Moreover, we believe that sustainable development can only be achieved by including women in all spheres of the economy and business. 

Let’s work together toward creating a more caring, tolerant, just, and peaceful life for all!