AP Journey to the Next Level of Excellence and Growth


Let’s wrap this year up with a special edition Authority Partners podcast, with, how we love to call them, “power couple” – Maja and Erol Karabeg, founders of Authority Partners.  

We are excited to share their insights about Authority Partners, straight from sunny California. However, we feel special because they will reveal one extraordinary milestone that makes us very proud!

You will also learn how AP adapted business strategy according to changes in the information technology industry, why AP consultants place company culture as one of the top priorities, what is our founders vision for the next four years, and much more.


About Maja and Erol 

Maja and Erol Karabeg are founders of Authority Partners. They have been working together for the last 30 years. It started back in their home country Bosnia and Herzegovina, where Erol opened his first business, software company “Kako?” and Maja joined as the first employee.
In the meantime, they lived in three different countries, had two kids, and established AP in 1998. And after all these years, this power couple is still passionate about building excellent IT solutions and bringing balance to our dynamic world., welcome, how are you today?

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Disclaimer: The views expressed in this podcast are the speaker’s own and do not reflect the view of Authority Partners.