We enjoy every occasion that brings us together, especially if there is an opportunity to meet in person. On June 2nd and 3rd, 2022, program and solution architects from AP TC Sarajevo gathered for the 6th annual AP Architecture Summit at our AP Lab. During this time, our colleagues from 12 different countries worldwide joined online.

We found our AP Lab premises magical; big ideas are dreamed right here – and most of them come true. Two out of 14 speakers at the Summit began their careers as interns in the AP Lab program and this year they are the ones who selflessly shared their new institutional knowledge.

All the lecturers successfully maintained the attention of the audience, who truly enjoyed acquiring new skills and challenging the presenters’ shared solutions. It wasn’t an easy task to provide all the answers that attendees sought, so kudos to them!

The largest duration of the program was spent doing what we love the most: sharing knowledge and experience, while also discussing the latest IT trends. The rest of the schedule was dedicated to hanging out, laughing and setting goals for the future. Each Summit, we set the bar higher and maintain confidence that we will (again) reach it!

The Summit was also a great occasion for one of our program architects, Luis Marquez from Mexico, to pack his bags and visit the Sarajevo TC. Here is what he had to say about this special visit:

“Surrounded by charming mountains, delicious food and exceptional people, the AP Architecture Summit in Sarajevo was a very refreshing experience. It is an amazing opportunity to share thoughts and knowledge about technologies, patterns and professional scenarios in a relaxed and friendly environment. During the time I attended the conference, I was able to meet people from different places in the world who have the same passion for learning new ways to design, build, test and maintain software. I really enjoyed spending time with colleagues that face mostly the same challenges day after day.”

We are impressed with how far we have come together as a team and are grateful for the enthusiasm and exciting ideas that resulted in last week’s initiatives.

We look forward to seeing you next year with an even bigger team to learn and grow together.