On March 19th and 20th, our leading experts gathered at the First Annual Authority Partners Architecture Summit in Konjic.

The Summit offered a variety of technical sessions and discussions, but above all provided the opportunity for our experts to come together in exchanging knowledge and setting a goal for the future.

The Summit commenced with a welcome address from Authority Partners President who gave an insight into Authority Partners future plans and vision, and continued with top-notch presentations delivered by our technical mavericks:

• DevOps / ALM Topics

• SPA vs. MVC vs. N-tier – Angular 2.0, typescript and APS.NET 5.0

• Platform as a Service – AWS vs. MS Azure

• IoT Hub on Azure

Proving to be the authority on the latest IT subjects was a piece of cake for our experts! The second part of the day, they had the challenging task of proving themselves on the sports field – engaging and competing together in various sports activities.
A big thank you to all the participants for a great weekend of knowledge, experience sharing and fun! We are looking forward to seeing you all at the next year’s Summit. Unit then, “Be resourceful and knowledgeable – the “authority” on IT subjects. Keep learning new skills and technologies. Keep strengthening knowledge already acquired. Look for opportunities for improvement everywhere. Initiate and embrace change. Think “outside the box”. We do everything to the highest level of quality. We take pride in our work and accomplishments.” (AP Core Value: Knowledge)